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Noleggio auto a Praga — Car rental in Prague ☝Noleggio auto a Praga
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Viaggiare in auto è l’esperienza più memorabile! Con una società di noleggio auto con sede a Praga CARLOVE, Riceverai un servizio eccezionale nella tua lingua madre e l’opportunità di viaggiare in tutta la Repubblica Ceca e in Europa. Le nostre promozioni e sconti vi aiuterà a risparmiare denaro e ottenere i prezzi più bassi sui servizi di noleggio, Car Rental Prague. Leggi le recensioni originali su google.ru

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Alexis Le Maon 02.09.2023
We had great trip inside the Czech Republic! The Hyundai i10 was brand new, was a pleasure to drive with it !

Very easy to pick up the car, it’s inside the Hilton Hotel.
When you want to return the car just put in back where you found it, and go to their office, they will come with you in the parking to check the car.

It was my first time renting abroad, and I am very glad I choose Carlove.
Best things for us was:
-no extra fees for “young driver”
-they accept debit card

I would highly recommend

Tarun Gupta 25.08.2023
Writing this review for €2. Details below :)

TL;DR – In a desperate bid to save their anniversary, a forgetful husband frantically searches for an alternative to the dreamy BMW he promised. Enter Carlove Rental! With Darmen’s heroic assistance, they secure a sleek VW convertible just in time. A heart-pounding road trip through Czech ensues, sealing their love amidst adventure!

My wife and I planned to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary in Prague. For this, my wife booked a beautiful cabin in a remote farm near Koupe Village and the only way to reach there is with a car. Usually I might come across as a miser, but hey, it’s our anniversary so I decided to book a luxury car for ourselves. Weeks ahead of our visit I found a classic BMW convertible car online. We both were pretty excited but…I FORGOT TO BOOK.

A day before our visit to Prague while I was sipping my morning coffee (in Airbnb in Budapest) I realised…that BMW car is NOT available. In a state of gigantic panic picturing my wife’s disappointed face, I searched online for alternatives and came across Carlove Rental. I found a convertible VW for €102. I booked it.

Within an hour I got the confirmation email with Darmen from Carlove rental asking for documents. I shared my driving license and passport but got to know that I need an international driving permit too (We are from India). Darmen instantly shared a link where I could apply for the permit and asked me to mail him as soon as it’s ready. He assured me that he will wait for email and reserve the car for me. All this was happening while my wife was scavenging for antiques gems in narrow lanes of Budapest and I was sitting by the corner talking to Darmen on emails.

What a helpful guy you are Darmen! Lot’s of love. You saved my marriage.

We reached Carlove rental office couple of hours before time and Darmen offered us the car keys at no extra charge! Darmen spoke english very well which eased half of my panic. Needless to mention their office is in Hilton which means that we used Hilton bathroom to get ready for our road trip :)

Super smooth onboarding process, helpful staff and what a sparking clean car! We drove around the villages in Czech and had an amazing time. Check out the pictures!

We came back just on time and handed over the keys. While onboarding I had €100 note and told Darmen that I will give him remaining €2 when I return the car. I forgot to keep some change. Carlove guys said it’s okay and I don’t need to worry about €2 and if I loved the whole renting experience, I may share it on google.

Come on! I super loved it. I have rented car in Paris, Turkey and almost all over India and by far, this has been one the best experience I ever had.

Fellow road trip lovers, my wife and I would 100% recommend renting a car from Carlove rental. And that VW convertible was just amazing!

Adela Deanova 15.08.2023

Excellent and friendly service. The staff was very efficient and nice. We rented a car at short notice and they were able to get it ready quickly. The car rental is in a good location, in the Hilton reception lobby, so it’s easy to get there and find, they walk you to the car. The prices were also very reasonable and comparable to other rentals in the city.

Faisal Hussein 15.07.2023
Had a pleasant experience renting car from Carlove. Everything was seamless from booking online, collecting and returning of vehicle. The car was in great condition. Vasil was very helpful during the whole process and even recommended places to visit. Highly recommended. 👍🏼

Jared Brudner 15.06.2023
Vassil took great care of me for my two day car rental. Coming from America I forgot a hard copy of my intl. drivers permit and CarLove made it simple to still rent a car. The car was almost brand new 900km and it was very comfortable for a 6 hour drive to Krakow. I will definitely return and rent a car again from Vassil, Roman, and CarLove!

Hamani 09 18.06.2023
I will definitely come back because this person ( Vasilii Odintsov ) and recommned to my family & friends in Dubai, he is such friendly, honest, and supportive person. He provides me great rate, fasr service, and wait for me when I was late at drop off with smile ! . No deposit taken, no international license needed ( local UAE worked), no credit card needed ( accept debit card). Amazing service Vasilii

01.09.2022 S.O.S
من أفضل مكاتب التأجير ، أسعدونا بتعاملهم الممتاز‎

01.09.2022 Frank

28.08.2022 Stan Gallinger
We had a Hyundai i10 that had less than 5,000 km on it. Renting process from end to end was a breeze. Agent at the counter was very helpful and pleasant. Would use them again. Reasonable prices we also bought extra insurance and a GPS. They will drop off and pickup at your location. Highly recommended!

26.08.2022 Deepak K V
The whole process was very easy, staff who helped us was very cordial.. Thank you Constantine.. No fuss pickup and drop.. We couldn’t clean the car at the end as we were rushing, and they were chill about it..

16.08.2022 Anna Mordak
Very good service. Clean cars. No issues on the way. Definetly will come back to rent the car again.

14.08.2022 Daniel Monti
(Переведено Google) Отличная цена, обслуживание, дружелюбные люди и никаких скрытых платежей, обязательно буду арендовать снова! (Оригинал) Great price, service, friendly people and no hidden fees, will rent again for sure!

13.08.2022 Júlia A
Alugamos um carro por 2 dias e correu tudo bem. Equipe simpática e transparente, tudo certo

12.08.2022 Aleksi Virtanen
Effortless and good service. Highly recommended.

11.08.2022 Зоряна Юзвін
We rented a car in July 2022. That was our first experience of renting car abroad. Everything was great. The car was not so expensive (if compared with other rent services). The car was well prepared for the trip: clean, technically checked. The managers were polite, everything was clear and understandable with the payments and all the documents. All deposit payments for car were returned on time and even with compensation in exchange rates. Due to our experience, we can recommend this Carlove Car Rental Service. Thank you for your good services!

10.08.2022 박성아
직원들이 매우 친절했고 차도 상태가 아주 좋았어요 ㅎㅎ덕분에 잘 여행하고왔네요

08.08.2022 Dennis Mussoni
Everything was perfect: the service, the car and the price. Definitively the best in Prague.

05.08.2022 qwerty asdfg
Verry easy to rent a car!

29.07.2022 Nicolas
Fast, helpful and professional, we will gladly come again if we ever need to rent a car in Prague !

25.07.2022 سند الحربي
افضل مكتب تأجير تعاملت معه في أوروبا اسعاره مناسبه وتعامل احترافي وسيارات جديدة👌🏻شكراً لكم

17.07.2022 Abdullah H
Although I was not lucky to rent a car due to high season and unavailability of the car, the customer service, Mr Roman provided very helpful information and represented his company in a very professional manner. Thank you.

4.07.2022 echo wang
The staff is very friendly and helpful:)

27.06.2022 뚜비두밥
They are really kind. I rented a Hyundai Bayon. It was a new car and car’s condition was so good. Also if you drive at europe first time, take a insurance a gold level. It saved my money.

20.07.2022 Tõnn Tobreluts
Very friendly and helpful staff, quick and easy administration, car was in perfect condition and prices are very reasonable. It was my first time to rent a car abroad and Carlove Car Rental made that experience very pleasant. There is a lot of talk about local car rental different schemes here and there and to be honest I was a bit paranoid about everything but 4.9 score in reviews has to come from somewhere and would most definitely recommend Carlove Car Rental services for paranoid first timers like me.

17.07.2022 Alija Mumbaeva
Все было отлично! Однозначно рекомендую!!!

5.07.2022 Shubham singh
Easy booking and confirmation. New and clean cars. Better than other Big brands.

23.05.2022 Зеник Кавулич
Пробували дозвонитися, щоб взнати умови аренди авто. Не відповідали. Написали листа, з питаннями по вказаній ел.адресі…не відписали. Це була субота до обіду, мабуть не працюють. Знайшли іншу фірму і оформили аренду авто.

19.05.2022 Kelly Kiser
As an American I am always hesitant to rent cars when traveling, sometimes you get the ‘tourist’ deal and have to worry about getting the deposit back. Or getting your pants pulled down financially somehow. This did not happen with Carlove rental. From the start the communication was open and quick. The paperwork was very simple and there were zero hidden costs added on. Also, Vasil and Konstantin were very professional and made the process very simple. As a person who travels a lot I can tell other travelers or tourists you are in good hands and will not get any unpleasant surprises. Thanks to Carlove and the team for making this process stress free and simple.

3.05.2022 Harry Ong
Our circumstances made it so that we were not able to rent with Carlove, but the customer service was outstanding. The team was able to correspond via email about our special rental situation. We will absolutely keep them in mind for future rentals from Prague!

25.04.2022 Tyler Buck
Walked in without a reservation or international drivers license. They directed me to a website where I could obtain one. I had a car in less than 30 minutes. The rental was brand new and the whole process was great. Checking out took less than 5 minutes. Highly recommend!

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Read reviews on Google

Audioguida e audiolibri in ogni auto gratuitamente

Viaggiare è facile! Tutti i veicoli sono dotati di USB e aux. In ogni auto, troverete un affascinante audioguida intorno a Praga e la Repubblica Ceca circostante. Il viaggio sarà ricordato per fatti, storie affascinanti ed eventi, come se, per tutto il tempo del viaggio, fossi con una guida professionale.

Autolavaggio a nostre spese!

Non ti disturberemo con piccole cose-basta restituire una macchina in tempo e la laveremo noi stessi. È gratis!

Sconto ad un amico!

Cerchiamo di rendere il vostro viaggio sicuro e confortevole. I nostri esperti risponderanno alle domande, prepareranno l’auto in tempo. Faremo del nostro meglio per farti consigliare ai tuoi amici!

Noleggio auto a Praga senza garanzie

Abbiamo preparato condizioni speciali per noleggiare un’auto senza deposito. Dettagli dai nostri esperti.

Gratuitamente, consegneremo la vostra auto per l’hotel o per l’aeroporto

Se ordini un’auto da 3 giorni, la consegneremo all’ora stabilita all’hotel o all’aeroporto. Pulire dentro e fuori, i documenti saranno pronti in anticipo, il tempo di trasferimento è minimo.

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