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How to drive in Prague?

Driving in Prague, Czech Republic and Europe can be challenging for some foreign drivers, but with the right training and knowledge of local traffic regulations, it won’t be hard for you.

What to look out for

Speed limit. First of all, there’s a metric system. So if you see the sign 50, it means that you cannot drive faster than 50 km/h. Mostly it is 50 km/h in the city, 90 km/h out of the city and 130 km/h on a highway.

Pedestrians. Be careful with the pedestrians, don’t forget to let them go on the crosswalks. Take extra care in the city centers. On the narrow streets some tourists may appear out of nowhere.

Trams. Don’t forget about the trams, those guys are not joking. In most cases, they have the advantage, you have to let them through. When you’ve parked on the street with the tram line, make sure you are not going over the line so the tram can go.

Cyclists. There are a lot of cyclists in Europe. Some places have special lanes for them, in others they are moving at the edge of the car’s lane. Make sure there’s no cyclist coming when turning on a crosspoint.

Mobile phones. Don’t even think about using your mobile phone while you are driving. Not because it is dangerous, but you’ll probably get a huge fine for this.

How to drive in Prague

Features of road infrastructure

Narrow streets and the intertwining of old and new road systems.

The presence of many traffic circles that require special attention and clarification of traffic rules.


Every city has its own system on how to pay for the parking. It can be divided into zones, streets, areas, etc. But make sure to read the sign and pay attention to the information on it. Don’t forget to pay your parking in advance to avoid a penalty or car getting towed.


If you exceed the speed limit or parked in the wrong spot and (or) didn’t pay for it, you can get a fine. Here are some approximate amounts for the penalties in Prague. And fines are not
limited, you can get a parking fine several times in a day!


From 500 czk to 1500 czk


From 500 to 2500 czk

Red light

From 2500 czk


From 2500 czk

Tips for comfortable driving

  1. Planning your route in advance and using navigation systems to avoid traffic jams.
  2. Considering peak times and avoiding long journeys during peak traffic hours.
  3. Being tolerant and courteous on the road, especially when interacting with local drivers.

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