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How easy and simple is it to travel around Prague, Czech Republic or Europe in a rented car?

Advice from our experts for tourists. How easy and safe is it to travel around Europe in a rented car? Where to send for shopping, or interesting excursions for independent travellers.
Relax safely and comfortably!


Find the newly opened attraction in the Czech Republic, which is the world's longest suspension footbridge! It's only 200 km away from Prague to the border with Poland, and you can drive it for about 2,5h by car...

Best Christmas markets in Central Europe for 2022

European cities begin to actively prepare for Christmas as soon as November comes. Windows and house facades are decorated with wreaths, garlands, and spruce branches, and in the evenings' thousands of lights light up on the streets. On the squares, under the shadow of Christmas trees, small pavilions with souvenirs, gifts, toys, and treats are lined up. Aromas of mulled wine, chocolate, caramel, and gingerbread are already in the air...

Renting a Car in Prague: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Renting a car in Prague can be a great way to explore the city and the surrounding Czech countryside at your own pace. However, it's important to be prepared and know what to expect before you hit the road. Here's what you need to know before you rent a car in Prague.

Around the world in the Czech Republic - see the world without leaving the country

We made a selection of 7 places in the Czech Republic, which with their appearance and atmosphere will remind sights from around the world! But you don’t have to get to them for several hours or even days - they are all nearby, got into the car - and go!

Prague through the eyes of a local resident

Prague - welcomes guests all year round. The flow of tourists decreases slightly in late January and February, and since March, the center of the capital is again filled with crowds of admiring people. If you can choose the time to visit Prague, then it is better to give preference to blooming April, or warm September. However...

Czech beer guide - top breweries in Prague

Prague, in addition to all its advantages, is also the capital of real Czech beer. The city and its environs are home to several dozen large and small breweries. Thousands of small bars and large pubs based on the local breweries invite you to taste the freshest beer, which of them should be preferred, first of all, we will tell below!

Restaurants and cafes in Prague, let us recommend!

Gastronomic tourism is a separate part of travel, and it doesn’t matter if you rent a car or decide to take a walk! After all, it is through food that you can learn a lot about the country, culture, traditions, people. Being in Prague, you should definitely visit the most “delicious” places in the city, after which you will fall in love with it completely and irrevocably.

Places to visit near Prague by car

What a great day to go somewhere to explore a new place not far from Prague so we won’t get tired. Is there’s anything beautiful around Prague? Let’s see where our clients mostly drove in the past month.


You can rent a car with new GPS from TomTom, speaks 38 languages, has 45 countries and will alert you about the road cameras.

Český Krumlov (Czech Krumlov)

This charming town experienced its greatest prosperity during the rule of Lords of Rožmberk (1302 - 1602), who chose Český Krumlov to become the seat of their kingdom. At this time, Krumlov lay on the crossroads between the Czech, Austrian, Bavarian and Northern Italian lands.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

The territory of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park – the youngest of the Czech Republic’s four national parks – forms a part of the larger territory of the Elbe Sandstones, which has been called Czech and Saxon Switzerland for nearly two centuries.

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