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How to Determine the Fuel Type in Your Rental Car: Practical Tips

When renting a car, it’s crucial to know what type of fuel it uses to avoid mishaps and ensure you’re refueling correctly. Here are some practical tips to help you determine the fuel type in your rental car.

1. Check the Documentation
The first and most reliable way to find out the fuel type in your rental car is by checking the documentation that comes with the vehicle. In Czech documents of the car, you’ll see BA which stands for Petrol engine, or NM which stands for Diesel engine.

2. Inspect the Fuel Filler Cap
If you can’t find documentation containing fuel type information, try looking at the fuel filler cap located next to the fuel tank. Often, it will indicate the type of fuel recommended for the vehicle. However, keep in mind that sometimes this information may be incomplete or outdated, so it’s best to use it as a supplementary source of information.

3. Consult the Fuel Filling Sheet
If you’re still unsure about which fuel to use, pay attention to the fuel filling sheet located near the fuel tank. This sheet typically specifies the type of fuel to be used. Carefully read the label and ensure it aligns with your understanding.

4. Ask Carlove Car Rental Company Staff
If you’re still uncertain about the fuel type your rental car requires, don’t hesitate to ask our staff at the car rental company. We can provide you with the necessary information or even assist you in determining the fuel type.

5. Look at the Key Fob
At Carlove, we make it even easier for you to determine the fuel type. We write the fuel type on the key fob, ensuring you have quick access to this essential information whenever you’re driving. Simply check the key fob before refueling to ensure you’re using the correct fuel.
Determining the fuel type in your rental car can be straightforward if you know where to look. Use these practical tips to feel confident that you’re refueling correctly and avoid unnecessary issues during your trip.

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