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Prague through the eyes of a local resident

Prague – welcomes guests all year round. The flow of tourists decreases slightly in late January and February, and since March, the center of the capital is again filled with crowds of admiring people. If you can choose the time to visit Prague, then it is better to give preference to blooming April, or warm September. However, this does not mean that in another period, it will be bad here, you can spend an unforgettable time in the Czech capital at any time. To remember the trip, rent a car in CARLOVE and make your own unique route!

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Places tourist can stay in Prague

Those who want to live in the center of Prague for at least a few days should pay attention to the areas: Malá Strana (Prague 1), Královské Vinohrady (Prague 3), Smíchov (Prague 5). It is always quiet and calm, and you can enjoy popular sights right from the window.

Tourists who prefer to have fun all night should stop in the vicinity of the Old Town Square or Wenceslas Square. Various entertainment venues are open until late and festivities take place.

Places tourist can stay in Prague

    In the city it is easy to rent a private apartment or hotel room for any wallet, below is a list of the most popular:

  • The Republic Garden 2 * – the cost of living from 9 euro/day;
  • Bed & Books Art Hotel 3 * – price of accommodation from 28 euro/day;
  • Residence Vysta 3 * – the cost of living from 31 euro/day;
  • Merchant’s Avenue Residence 4 * – cost of living from 36 euro/day;
  • Deminka Palace 4 * – the cost of living is from 38 euro/day;
  • Occidental Praha Wilson 5 * – the cost of living from 86 euro/day;
  • La Ballerina Hotel 5 * – the cost of living from 90 / day.

Where to eat and where to drink beer in Prague

Gastronomy is a separate part of tourist trips. A picture of a country and a city, in particular, would be incomplete without acquaintance with national cuisine. The Czech Republic is famous for its hoppy drinks, so the first thing every tourist wants to try is an excellent beer. However, you should immediately pay attention that it is not always where good dishes are served that you will be offered different sorts of beer, and on the contrary, in a pub, you are unlikely to be lucky enough to meet a gourmet menu. Therefore, before you go for a meal, you should decide on the priorities, and after that choose an institution. Be careful, do not drive behind the wheel of a rental car after drinking alcohol!

We recommend having breakfast in the popular Café Savoy, both among locals and tourists, located in the Lesser Town at Vítězná 124/5. A delicious continental breakfast will cost you between 190-200 CZK. Where else you can have breakfast in Prague, you will find here.

Lunch or dinner can be enjoyed at Potrefená Husa or Kolkovna chain restaurants. Establishments are dispersed in different parts of Prague; finding them will not be difficult. It serves national cuisine, for the second dish you will have to pay about 200-250 kroons, while you will be full and satisfied.

Those wishing to visit unusual places are advised to go to Výtopna. There are two such restaurants in Prague – one is located on Wenceslas Square, at the address: Václavské náměstí 56, the second in the Palladium shopping center, at the address: Náměstí Republiky 1. In this restaurant the drinks ordered are not brought by the waiters, a special toy train will deliver them to your table. To get here, you must reserve a table in advance.


Beer lovers will certainly want to visit the famous pubs in Prague. At the same time, you should know that in the city there are institutions designed exclusively for tourists. They are distinguished by a special color, the staff here speaks several languages, including Russian. At the same time, prices are quite high, everything is put on stream, which often affects the quality of service. If you choose such institutions, then you should give preference: U Tri Ruzi, located at Husova 10/232, Klášterní šenk, at Markétská, Klášterní pivovar Strahov at Strahovské nádvoří 301/10. The last two always have a lot of visitors, so we recommend you book a table in advance.

Those wishing to plunge into the real atmosphere of Prague’s pubs are advised to visit the favorite places of local residents. However, you should be prepared for the fact that here you may not be understood even in English. Although what does it matter when there are so many excellent beers nearby. Go to one of the following establishments and enjoy a real hop drink: Dva kohouti, at the address: Sokolovská 81/55, Loď, at Dvořákovo nábřeží, Štefánikův most, Permanent Beer Fest at Kolbenova 923, and also at Arekal Open from March to September.

Those who cannot imagine their life without sweets, especially without ice cream, are invited to go to the address: Újezd 425/24 in Angelato. Here you will be offered a wide assortment of all kinds of cold dessert flavors, even ice cream with nettle or hot pepper flavor.

Let’s go where the guides do not lead

Having studied all the main sights of Prague, we advise you to allocate free time to explore little-known for tourists and very favorite places for Prague. Unforgettable will be walking in the capital’s parks. Having set off the Wallenstein Garden, located at Letenská 123/4, you will find yourself in a real fairy tale. Majestic peacocks are walking along the alleys, goldfish swim in the pond. Orchestras often play in the park. Performing classical music, and deep in the garden, is the palace of the Czech Senate. On weekends and holidays, the Senate is open and anyone can tour it.

If your visit to Prague fell on April-May, be sure to visit the Voyanovy Gardens U Lužického semináře, so many blooming magnolias, you will see the gates elsewhere.

In the warm season, from late March to November, retro-tram No. 41 runs in the central part of the city. For the first time, he traveled along this route back in the 20s of the last century. Since 2000, this public transport has officially become a tourist attraction of the city. A special tram is betrayed by an elderly conductor accompanying him, dressed in the form of those years.

In order to look at the majestic Prague from above, it is not necessary to go to the untwisted tourist observation platforms, the entrance to which costs money. You can go for a walk Letensky Gardens and go to the Hanavský pavilon restaurant. From here you will have a wonderful view of the historic quarters and bridges across the Vltava. In addition, you can admire the Czech capital in fine weather by visiting Riegrovy sady.

You should definitely visit the two-level museum – the Kingdom of Railways, located at Stroupežnického 23. Here is one of the largest models of interactive railways. It is noteworthy that all models, not only trains, but also other modes of transport are mobile, and every 20 minutes, the plot picture changes day and night.

Not only is the Czech capital famous for beer, having returned to the Botanical Garden at Trojská 800/196, go to the Sv. Klára. Here you will be offered a large selection of locally produced wines for bottling or in bottled containers. You can enjoy wine on the outdoor terrace with views of the Troian Castle.

To feel the real atmosphere of Prague, you should look at one of the capital’s farmers’​ markets. It is not necessary to make big purchases here, just walk along with​ the malls, taste the local mulled wine or beer, and try the street gastronomy.

In Prague and its environs there are many small breweries famous for their craft beer. During traditional festivals you can try the products of such mini-factories there. The rest of the time, brewers organize tastings right at the factory. You can get to such places by public transport, here are the addresses of several popular mini-breweries: Němý Medvěd, nám. Míru 27, Mělník, Pivovar Únětice, Rýznerova 5, Únětice, Berounský medvěd, Tyršova 135, Beroun.

A trip to the surrounding castles of Prague promises to be fascinating. Karlstejn Castle was built on the orders of Charles IV, as the summer residence of the ruler. He became famous for having never, for his entire existence, been captured. The path to the castle runs up a steep slope, those who are not confident in their abilities can use the horse-drawn cart.

Another castle is Konopiste, located in Benesov. Around this castle is a large picturesque park, the inhabitants of which are hares, peacocks, deer. Here, there is the popular restaurant Stará myslivna, whose menu offers a variety of game dishes.

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