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When renting a car in Prague or Europe, you have to fill the car with fuel so it can keep going. What are the most popular fuel policies you can find?

Back in the days, all the companies used to work with a Full to Full policy. Which means that you got a car with a full tank and you have to return it full as well.

What are the fuel policies

Pros: Fairness, convenience, cost savings
Cons: Potential disputes if there’s not a full tank or might not have a gas station nearby

Now mostly car rental companies use the Same to Same fuel policy. So in Carlove we do it as well. On the pick-up the fuel level is marked and you have to return it with the same fuel amount.

Pros: Simplicity, convenience, predictability.
Cons: Risk of Overfilling

Lifehack: To avoid the risk of overfilling, just count how much km you drive and use the simple formula: km you drove * fuel consumption / 100 km = how much you spent.

Let’s say you drove 500 km with 5,5 liters consumption, which is 500*5.5/100 = 27.5 liters of gasoline.

And the last fuel policy is when you prepay your fuel in advance. In that case you don’t have to worry about finding a gas station, filling the car, etc. But it might cost you a lot more than filling it yourself. And depending on the fuel consumption of the car, it might not be enough for your trip. CARLOVE rental car Prague

We wish you a safe trip during your visit in Prague!

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