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How much does it cost to rent a car in Prague?

Car rental in Prague it’s a great way to explore surroundings or even visit nearest countries, such as Germany, Austria or Poland. With the car you are able to make your own schedule and don’t have to rely on the buses or trains. And it can be even cheaper and faster than taking a flight. But before starting your journey, it is important to understand surcharges that may appear. So let’s take a look at how much does it cost to rent a car in Prague and what can affect the total price.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Prague

Main factors affecting car rental prices

Season. First of all, there are seasons with a high demand, such as winter and summer holidays, Easter weekends, opening of a skiing season etc. Prices can increase from 5 to 25 percent for a daily rate. To avoid a price change, reserve your car in advance.

Availability. If you are looking for a specific car, you definitely need to reserve it in advance. You’re probably not the only one who wants to drive this exact car. But you’ll likely get it only if you’ve booked it earlier.

Rental period. Basically, the longer you take, the cheaper it costs per day. So take a look at the prices and consider maybe it’s better to add 1 extra day and visit something else, than be in a hurry.

Average prices for car rental in Prague

Prices start from 12 euros a day. But it may be higher depending on your needs, such as Full Insurance, extra GPS or one-way trip, etc.

Our rentals already include Czech toll roads, car wash, second driver, child seats. But let’s look at the rent itself. Here you can see the average daily rate for the different classes and periods.

2-3 days

4-7 days

8-15 days

Economy class

33 euros

30 euros

27 euros

Standart class

47 euros

44 euros

40 euros

Comfort class

60 euros

55 euros

49 euros

Business class

100 euros

95 euros

90 euros


100 euros

95 euros

90 euros

Luxury class

180 euros

148 euros

140 euros

Additional costs when renting a car

Our rentals already include Czech toll roads, car wash, second driver, basic insurance, child seats, we don’t have a fee for going abroad, but there are some additional costs may appear if you’ll need something.

Tolls. Once you’ll drive out of the Czech Republic, you will probably need to pay additional tolls. For example, in Austria it is about 10 euros for 10 days. In Switzerland you can have only a yearly sticker for 40 euros. In Slovakia it is about 15 euros. Some countries will charge you for using tunnels. Or, for example, in France, Italy or Croatia you’ll pay with a road section. In Carlove we already paid Czech tolls, so you don’t have to.

Fuel consumption. Sometimes the cheapest car from Economy class has bigger consumption than a car from the Standard class. If you are driving far, consider to take a better car, you’ll come with the same costs at the end, but will enjoy your trip better.

Full insurance. There’s basic insurance already included in the price, but if you want to protect yourself for unexpected situations, you can also add a Silver package insurance which covers car body and glasses. Or go with a Gold package, which fully covers car body and glasses, wheels and tires, and theft.

Deposit. Deposit is refundable, but it can take some time once your bank proceeds the transaction and returns it to your bank account. If you don’t want to keep a deposit, you can go with Gold insurance, which makes your rental without deposit, or you can choose a no-deposit option which works even with the basic insurance.

Extra options. If you are not happy with the luggage space, or you are going skiing, you can order a roof box. Or if you don’t have an internet connection, we can provide a GPS navigation system, working without it.

One-way trip and deliveries. We are happy to bring a car to your hotel, apartment or even another city if you need so.

Non-working hours. We are consistently trying to improve our services and make it as smooth as possible for your perfect trip, but we also need some time to relax. So
if you want a car late at night, it is possible too, but for an extra fee.

Car hire rates in prague
Low price car hire in prague

Ways to save money on car rental

  1. Reserve in advance. But if something changes, you can cancel it anytime without any extra fee.
  2. Take a look for a longer period of time. The longer the rental, the cheaper it is per day.
  3. Think about the extras. Maybe it is cheaper to prolong than return it after hours.
  4. Choose the right insurance. It isn’t cheap to repair the car, consider getting better insurance to avoid unexpected surcharges in case of new damages.
  5. Fuel consumption and comfort. Some cars from the higher classes consumpt less fuel than the economy class cars.
  6. Choose wisely, you can get a cheaper car and pay more on the fuel. Or you can get a more comfortable car and save some on the gas.

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